Exploring bugs in Central Texas through the eyes of a child

Stick Bug

IMG_5180Today we are going to talk about the stick bug.  I came up with some questions that I wanted to know about and thought you might too.

Alex’s Bug Form

Bug Name:  Walking Stick, Stick Bug

Scientific Name: Phasmatodea

Color:  Green or Brown usually

Mouthparts:  Chewing

How big:  Can get up to 13″!!!!  But not here.

Do they bite? No

Are they poisonous? No

What do they eat?  Leaves

Do they change how they look? Babies look like adults, only smaller.  But different types of stick insects can look really different. Some can be flatter. There are 3000 kinds of stick bugs

Do they do anything cool?  When a predator tries to grab them, they can lose their leg that is being held and get away and then regrow another one.  Also, when they lay eggs, they can lay more than 1,000.

Do they walk upside down?yes.

Where do you find them? On leaves

Are they long when they are babies? No, not as long as adults

How long do they live: about 1-2 years

Comments on: "Stick Bug" (3)

  1. Pawpaw and I are very excited about your blogging endeavor and look forward to learning lots about the insects and other bugs you find.

  2. Good information! I think it is wonderful to be curious about bugs and not afraid of them. Keep up the good work!

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