Exploring bugs in Central Texas through the eyes of a child

My new neighbor

Hi, I’m back real quick to tell you about my new neighbor. Meet the tarantula I found tonight in my driveway. He was a pretty good size and he is very good at climbing walls. My dad says he was out hunting for dinner and we should leave him alone. But I wonder if it is actually a girl spider. My question is how can you tell? I’ll have to look this up but right now, it is my bedtime. See you later.

Comments on: "My new neighbor" (2)

  1. Wow! This is so cool, I bet your dad was right, he or she (I can’t wait to see if you find out) is probably out to find dinner! I wonder what a tarantula can do to protect itself? Does it have any special defense against predators? Thanks for sharing your new neighbor with us!

  2. Mrs. Scott, a tarantula rears up to show its fangs if it is disturbed. Then it will show you it’s abdomen and flicks hairs at you which can itch your skin like poison ivy. Alex

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