Exploring bugs in Central Texas through the eyes of a child


Hi I’m back to talk about bugs.Today we are going to talk about worms. I know worms are not actually bugs but we love them because they are so good for the earth.   They help the earth breathe because they make tunnels in the dirt.  Tunnels supply air and water to the dirt.  They are so good that we keep a worm bin in our home.  First, we give them scraps of leftover vegetables and fruits.  Then they eat the scraps up.  Then they poop it out- this is called castings.  We clean the castings out of the bin and put the castings into the garden because they are very good for the soil and plants. 

Here are some questions you might have:

Is it stinky to keep a worm bin?

No.  If you do everything correct, your worm bin should not be stinky. 

Are the castings squishy?

The worm castings are soft and fluffy.  It really just looks like dirt.

Why are worms slimy?

The slime helps them move through the soil and keeps their skin moist so they can breathe because they breathe through their skin.


So that is it for today.  Go out and love worms because they do a lot for us.

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