Exploring bugs in Central Texas through the eyes of a child

The bug blog begins


Hi, I like bugs.   I have liked bugs ever since I was really little. In fact, that’s me above in the picture at 4 years old with a bug on my head.  When my mom and dad realized I liked bugs so much, they bought me a bug box so I could collect bugs that I found.  But we have a rule.  We only collect bugs that are already dead when we find them…unless they are yucky like the scorpion that we found in my mom’s bathroom.

So I am now starting this blog to show the cool bugs that I  find and share some information.  I’ll find a bug, I’ll post a picture, I’ll tell you about it. And just FYI, we don’t just stick strictly to insects.  We like to show spiders, scorpions, and other things.

So let’s begin.

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  1. Alex – how do I subscribe to your blog so I don’t miss a single one?

    • Well Ms. Vicki, I don’t know. But my mom says she will try and put a button on the side that you can click on.

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