Exploring bugs in Central Texas through the eyes of a child

Bees buzz my brain!

Hi, I’m back to talk about bugs and this time we are going to talk about bees!!  Honeybees specifically but we also want to know more about native bees and solitary bees. Bees are important because they are the pollinator masters.  I see them all over.  I’ve seen them in the wildflower field at my school.  I’ve seen them on the vegetable plants.  They are all looking for pollen.  Bees store pollen in pollen baskets on their hind legs or under their belly.  It is their job.  Image

Like look at this guy above, he has got a lot of pollen on his leg.  It’s like a backpack, but on your leg, and filled with pollen not your lunchbox. Not all bees live in hives, although honeybees do.  Some are called solitary which means they do not live in hives.

ImageDid you know that all worker bees are female?  Yep. It’s true.

Bees are also dancers.  I know that sounds kind of funny, but guess what- it’s not.  They dance to communicate to show all the other bees where they got the pollen so they can get more.  That means more honey for humans.  yum.


Do you know some cool things about bees?  Well, tell me in a comment because I want to know more.

Comments on: "Bees buzz my brain!" (5)

  1. Well, my comment is actually about bumble bees not honey bees but it’s kind of funny –
    I heard that bumbles really, really love to find abandoned mouse nests to use for their own homes.

  2. In the summer months bees come to collect water from my bird bath. At first I thought they were really thirsty, but then I found out that they use the water to help cool their hive. Bee air conditioning. Pretty cool!

  3. Did you know that if all the bees died there would be no more honey for us and plants would die. Then the animals would too. A lot of bees are dying so we need to find a way to help.

  4. That comment above was from Katy, not dotti

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